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Joe Saxby

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Meet Joe

My name is Joe Saxby and just like you I have been endowed with a gift from my creator. My gift is to write poetry and inspire people from all walks of life. The things I write are inspirational because I am inspired by the spirit of God when I write and I make no apologies for that. I believe that we are trees planted on the earth to produce fruit so others can eat. The things I write are pearls of great value and I thank you in advance for supporting my business and may you be blessed for blessing me.

The "Eyes of Faith" was conceived years ago and it seems like just yesterday that God gave me the name for my company. Everything we do in life requires some degree of faith. In fact, nothing great has ever been accomplished without faith. Faith simply says, I see it before I get it, and I believe it before it's manifested. This company is designed to inspire, challenge, and provoke people to reach for the impossible and to never give up! We have an exclusive service and benefits for our vip members who choose to support the vision of "The Eyes of Faith." Our books, daily inspirational audios and our life changing "Mind zone" Academy all are designed to teach you how to get through the rough places and develop a warrior spirit.

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“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

I was blessed by reading the books by Joe Saxby but the daily audios were a lifeline for me. So Glad I decided to become a VIP Member. 

Monica Johnson

The daily audios and the Mind Zone training by Joe Saxby has truly been God sent.

- Olivia Green

I have listened to the daily audios from Joe Saxby for years and now I am so pleased that he created this new platform so I can support his God given vision by becoming a VIP Member. 

- Will Jackson

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